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The strongest emotions we have as people are hate and love.  Both, if we open ourselves to them fully, will change us and the world around us.  Of the two, I believe love is the stronger, although it might not make nearly as much noise as hate and it certainly won't get as many headlines. … Read more »

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm letting the world know that my next novel will be written under a pseudonym — either J. K. Bowlings or Erasmus Breach, I haven't picked the name yet, but it's best to speak the truth now because in this news-in-a-nanosecond/Wiki leaks age, someone will find out.  Surely, we… Read more »

Protecting kids. It’s there inside of us. It’s in our DNA.

The school shooting in Newtown CT happened to our kids, to our teachers.  The loss is too deep, it can’t be understood, but what we must do in their memory and in the name of rightness and reason is to draw a line in the sand and say, No More.  Everyone can do something.  People… Read more »

A bad storm like Sandy keeps coming long after it stops.  We're left with the wreckage and the clean up and the ghastly feeling, and all the while trying to hold onto hope.  I've always had a bone to pick with Emily Dickinson who said, "Hope is the thing with feathers…"  I suppose some hope… Read more »

The challenge of homeless children and what ordinary people can do.

The faces of Haiti's nightmare stay in the soul and the heart. Our minds can't take it in. We send money, we want to do more, we want the suffering to stop, we want the world to be an easier place — dear God, we want you to help them!  What can we do?  Amid… Read more »

I was in a car accident twenty years ago. A man in a Volvo station wagon rammed into my car. I remember that I had a two page TO DO list when I drove off that morning. I was convinced that my life would go down the toilet if I didn't get everything accomplished on… Read more »