Come Closer

Put down your load.  If it's anything like mine,

It's all the gifts you need to buy,

all the cards you should have written,  

all the cookies you've consumed,

all the things you meant to do.  

Put them down.  It's okay.  

Come closer to Christmas.

Put down your guilt about not being perfect

and getting sucked into the hype 

that siphons out the joy.  

The more you buy the more you save.

Not exactly — the more you buy the more you buy.

Just for a minute let that go.  

Come closer to Christmas.

Pull down your walls.  If they're like mine

they keep you locked inside.

Open the doors, let the fresh wind come.

In light and joy a babe was born.  

It's so simple that we miss it.

May we stop today and listen to the whisper.

Come closer to Christmas.

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