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I remember the church that year; the stinging pain in my back was so strong that I was trying to concentrate on the flowers on the altar, the candles by the stained glass window. I remember seeing my daughter, then six, singing with the choir of children. I remember it as close to my worst… Read more »

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I, like so many, was affixed to the TV watching the horrific terrorism unfold in Mumbai. There were anxious emails going back and forth to see if a friend of my in-laws traveling in India was all right. He was, thankfully. But too many weren't all right, and the interviews and… Read more »

The other day I ate a cookie — one cookie. Not two, or ten, but one. That might not sound like a big deal, but when I look back over the years and remember how many cookies I always felt compelled to eat at one sitting or standing, I can see that a huge multi-headed… Read more »

Years ago, I read an article in Fortune Magazine where a successful businessman talked about the best lesson he'd ever learned. He was in India, I believe, walking by a large elephant tied to a small stake. He asked the elephant trainer why the elephant didn't pull the stake out since the animal had more… Read more »

As Halloween draws near, I am reminded of a most memorable October 31st. It was years ago; I was living in an apartment complex in LA with my family, trying to get the ears right on my daughter's bunny costume. It was the afternoon of Halloween and this was when a young Japanese couple from… Read more »

I have a small elephant toy from India that always reminds me of what it's like to have a balanced life. The bigger elephant (the mother) is on a pedestal and two smaller elephants (the children) are attached to each side of her with sticks. Because the balance is perfect, I can twirl them around… Read more »

I've just learned from a William Safire column that it is no longer cool to say that someone is hot — as in, Wow, that guy/girl is hot. The new word now is fierce.  It's a lot of pressure to be cool and I'm not sure I'll ever get used to fierce as the new… Read more »

I found this quote on a greeting card that I'd thrown in an old box: "Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." — Goethe I have several things I need to begin. I have thought around them, but not begun them. I used… Read more »

There's something about hearing the right word at the right time. I have friends who are awfully good at sensing how I'm doing and speaking something to me that always encourages and lifts my spirits. Being an encourager is so important and it's something that everyone, young and old, can do. I think people are… Read more »

I was in a car accident twenty years ago. A man in a Volvo station wagon rammed into my car. I remember that I had a two page TO DO list when I drove off that morning. I was convinced that my life would go down the toilet if I didn't get everything accomplished on… Read more »

Today I am remembering, from all the memories of September 11th, the first plane ride I took after the terrorist attacks.  It was two to three weeks after the attacks and getting on an airplane in New York was close to the last thing I wanted to do.  I don't remember ever being so frightened… Read more »

I made an apple pie today to thank my husband for helping me with my website.  I made the dough from scratch, as always.  This dough is so flaky and thin, it's worth all the anxiety I feel when I begin to roll it out.  In fifteen years of making this pie, I’ve rarely achieved a… Read more »

I have a puppy which is why I’m sleep deprived. He gets up with the dawn and there’s not much that can stop this. The first shafts of light appear and something in my puppy, his name is Max, is stirred deeply. I explain to him that dawn isn’t really all that exciting, it’s something… Read more »