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Turn Left

I'm back from walking in the park and just had one of those moments that makes you wonder.  I wasn't wearing boots, it's still snowy and slushy here from the blizzard, I didn't plan to go into the icy park, but I felt strongly I was supposed to go, so I did.  Then I felt strongly I was supposed to turn left, and I did.  A woman was sitting on a bench, head bowed, crying.  I didn't want to interfere, I didn't want to walk by.  I asked, "Are you okay?"  She wasn't.  Her dad had died suddenly, it had happened a few months before, but she was still so sad.  I put my arm around her and she wept and I did, too, a bit.  We talked, we prayed, and then the work day had to begin. 

I have my routines, but I need to be open to turning left more.  I don't want to miss the moments.