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About the Book


Stuck in a family overflowing with lawyers, Ivy Breedlove longs to be understood, to break free of unfair expectations and to find the truth about the missing link in the Breedlove family. With an outrageous mountain guide at her side, Ivy travels through the wild and wintry Adirondack Mountains to search for the one Breedlove who is, perhaps, like herself.

"...engaging characters, a light love interest, and dramatic tension in a well-paced plot, this is another great read from Bauer."
-- School Library Journal

"This warm, funny, patchwork quilt of a book offers a sturdy heroine, vivid characters, a touch of romance, and a final survival adventure that will keep readers turning the pages to the last."
-- Booklist

“Ivy Breedlove is a different kind of high school student…determined to buck family tradition by becoming a historian rather than a lawyer. While spending Christmas vacation with her eccentric extended family in the Adirondack Mountains, Ivy resolves to research the Breedlove history. Ivy never loses her common sense, her spunk or her inquiring mind. There’s an immediacy and sense of humor in her voice that will grab and hold the attention of teen-age readers. The risks she takes, beginning with questioning her family’s way of doing things and culminating in her struggle for survival, are plausible and lead readers on to the exciting and satisfying conclusion."
-- The New York Times