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Raising Lumie

What can love do?
Basically everything.
A story about everyday heroes — some are human and some have four feet.

"Raising Lumie is a touching, optimistic story about decent, well-intentioned people.”
-- New York Times Book Review


I’m probably twelve years old; that’s what the doctors think. I could have been born anywhere, but it was most likely in Indianapolis, Indiana — at least that where I’ve decided I was born, because that’s where I was found…

"Triumphant and moving."
-- School Library Journal

Tell Me

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to be who you are.

"Bauer has done an exceptional job of informing young readers about human trafficking without being heavy-handed or speaking down to her audience."
-- Library Media Connection

Almost Home

I feel I’ve got a sign across my forehead that everyone sees: HOMELESS GIRL.

“Sugar's anger, fear, humility, and resolve are portrayed with insight and compassion.”
-- Publishers Weekly

Close to Famous

You don’t know the power of a cupcake until your life depends on it.

"{A} heartwarming novel about a determined girl who faces adversity with humor, heart -- and cupcakes."
-- Publishers Weekly


Something is rotten in apple country and it’s up to ace reporter, Hildy Biddle, to find the real story.

"A winsome entry into issues of journalistic free speech and the impact of sensationalism in the media..."
-- School Library Journal-Curriculum Connections

Hope Was Here

You think all teenagers care about is music and movie stars? Spend some time in Wisconsin, we’ll blow your socks off.

"It's as if the novel had been written by someone actually coming of age."
-- The New York Times Book Review

Stand Tall

Tallness is packed with great expectations.

"An eloquent story of ordinary heroes."
-- Kirkus Review

Rules of the Road

I thought of all the places I was going where I had never been and wondered how I would manage…I embraced my motto, Cope or Die, breathed deeply, and…

"{Full of} fabulous and somewhat flamboyant characters, witty dialogue, and memorable scenes...Bauer's best yet."
-- School Library Journal, starred review

Best Foot Forward

You know what’s stronger than fear? When someone who’s been sat on decides they’ve had enough…

"A great cast of characters, witty dialog along with Jenna's droll asides, and an insight into business ethics highlight this winning title..."


Ivy sets out on the journey of a lifetime to find the truth about her mysterious hermit aunt — the relative no one will talk about. But is she too late?

"...engaging characters, a light love interest, and dramatic tension in a well-paced plot, this is another great read from Bauer."
-- School Library Journal


If my dad hadn’t died, he would have been nine-ball champion of the world. That leaves me to do it someday. But first, I’ve got to beat Buck…

"Good characters, humor, and an engaging plot...a solid piece of middle-grade fiction. "
-- Booklist


A teenage photographer, an irritated cupid, and a big warning. Be careful what you wish for!

"This wacky ride through affairs of the heart never grows predictable!"
-- Kirkus Reviews, pointer


A heart will say amazing things, if given half a chance.

"This is a funny, fast-paced book about an ordinary girl with an extraordinary ambition."
-- The New York Times