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Making New

I don't have a to do list for the new year, I have a want to list. 

For 2010 I want to learn to make things new.  I want a freshness in this year that I've not had for a while.  I want to look at old things in new ways.  I want to believe in new ways, write in new ways.  Be a friend in new ways, and be smart enough to know what needs to be thrown away.  I keep shoving stuff in my closet, telling myself I need it.  I'm not sure I do.  Things, at least some of them, feel like a leash to me.  I remembered this particularly today when I took my dog Max to the park, unclasped his leash, and watched him roll and play with the other dogs.  I want to give myself some off leash time in 2010.  

It's snowing in Brooklyn — the right way to end a year and begin a new one. Let it snow over 2009 and into 2010.  Let the freshness fall, let it all be made new.  Amid the sorrows and joys of this year — and both of them have been deep — I want to make a new way and travel it.  

Here's to 2010.  May our hearts be refreshed and our dreams renewed.  Happy New Year! 

2 responses to “Making New

  1. Happy New Year to you too!
    I am just a student who is starting her first step into adulthood. Just like to express my sincere thanks for your posts. They may not be as frequent as I like them to be, but they still give me that dose of inspiration whenever I need it. Thank you (:

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