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The Writers Flu

I have it.  I'm finishing a book.  

The symptoms:  Total focus, irritability, the need to close my door and do whatever it takes (which is a lot) to finish a novel, interspersed with excitement, joy, and obsession for detail.  Also, from my office certain sounds can be heard — laughing, crying, shouts directed at certain characters.  

The cure:  Keep my game face on and get the book done.

The duration:  Hopefully, two more weeks.

I'll be back in touch then.


4 responses to “The Writers Flu

  1. Hey, Joan,
    It has been years since we were in touch. I trust all is well and can’t wait for the new book, Marny and I are two ofyour biggest fans.
    We are still in Darien and would love to see you sometime.
    Kerry Spearman

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